Saturday, February 20, 2010

Claire's sonogram has the date October 22, 2004?!

Back at the hospital with Claire, she is looking at her sonogram which in a potentially huge revelation, has the date October 22, 2004 instead of the original Ocean 815 date of September 22, 2004. What exactly does this mean for our alternate timeline?

[UPDATE: Damon and Carlton have confirmed that the new date was a prop error, so we can stop reading into the different date.]

After that little bombshell, Claire is approached by a Detective Rasmussen and another officer looking for Joan Hart which is one of Kate's aliases. Claire covers for her as she hides in a supply room. Kate emerges after the police leave.

Claire gives Kate her credit card to help her out and then admits that she doesn't know where she came up with the name Aaron. She says "It's like, I don't know. I knew it or something." So we have another instance of our Losties, and not just the ones at the Swan site in 1977 and those we've seen touched by Jacob, seeming to remember bits of the original Oceanic 815 timeline. Also, Kate tells Claire she should keep the baby. It seems that little pieces of the original timeline are still falling into place.

Dogen spins a baseball + Jack takes poison pill

Back in Dogen's office, he is spinning a baseball and concentrating on it. It seems likely that he is using it to think about thinks, much like Sawyer says he reads books to do the same in season 5. On the table, there are some written pages and the top one is slightly visible, but at a bad angle. If anyone can translate the Japanese, leave a comment.

Jack comes in and says that Dogen speaks good English for someone who needs and translator. Dogen tells him that he doesn't need one and he does it to remain separate from the people he's in charge of because it makes it easier when they don't like the decisions he makes for them.

Dogen tells Jack that he was brought to the island like everyone else. When Jack questions what that means, Dogen says that Jack knows exactly what he means. This seems to spook Jack.

Jack once again questions what is in the pill and Dogen says that he can't explain. Dogen says that Jack needs to trust him and Jack says that he doesn't trust himself. Jack then tries to swallow the pill and Dogen quickly springs into action, hitting Jack in the chest and performing the heimlich maneuver until the pills comes out. Dogen then admits that it's poison.

So why exactly do they want to poison Sayid? What exactly did their previous "test" tell them?

Sawyer throws his engagement ring for Juliet in the ocean

Kate finds Sawyer sitting on the dock. He tells her that it's his fault that Juliet is dead, not Kate's, because he convinced her to stay on the island in 1974 because he didn't want to be alone. He delivers the devastating line "I think some of use are meant to be alone."

He the reveals that he was going to ask Juliet to marry him and we see him holding the ring which he pulled out of the box (see that here). He then throws the ring in the ocean, tells Kate that she can make it back to the temple by night and leaves her there, where she breaks down.

Just a little editorial note: Josh Holloway delivers a stunning performance in this scene that rivals his excellent work in season 5.

Ethan is Claire's doctor at the hospital, Kate seems to recognize the name Aaron

Back the "alternate" timeline, Kate rushes Claire to the hospital where she is quickly taken inside. Kate is clearly paranoid about the police presence in the vicinity.

Once inside, Kate gets impatient waiting for a doctor and goes to find one herself. The first one she comes across is none other than Ethan Rom, who is going by Ethan Goodspeed here (since he is Horace Goodspeed's son). Once he gets inside with Claire, the scene is reminiscent of their scenes in the season 2 episode "Maternity Leave."

Ethan says that she can have the baby now or he can give her some drugs to slow the process down. He drops the line "I don't want to stick you with needles if I don't have to," which if you recall he did regularly at the medical station. Once she chooses to wait, an alarm sounds and in her panicked state, she says "Is Aaron okay?!" When Kate hears the name Aaron, her eyes widen and she looks stunned as if something in her mind briefly clicked with the original timeline (check out photo 8).

Everything then calms down and Claire can see Aaron on the screen once he's moved back into position. Kate is holding Claire's hand and that moment together is reminiscent of the moment they shared when Aaron was born on the island, but just slightly. The scene seems to solidify the bond these two have, no matter what events occur.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Kate finds Sawyer at the barracks, he unearths a box

We see Kate wander into the barracks looking for Sawyer. The barracks looks are run down and dilapidated, just as we see them when Sun, Ben, Frank and Locke were there in season 5.

Kate makes her way to Sawyer and Juliet's old house where she observes him pulling up some floorboards and pulling a shoebox out from under them. He pulls out a small pouch from the box, which we later learn contains and engagement ring intended for Juliet. When he hears Kate, he pulls a gun on her before noticing who it is. He walks past her out of the house, hardly saying anything to her.

Lindsey Baskum does not want Claire's baby

Kate drives Claire to the house where the couple who are adopting her baby live and Claire asks Kate to come in with her. The woman who answers the door, Lindsey Baskum, has been crying and tells them that her husband left her and she can't raise the baby on her own.

As things start to get heated, Claire starts to feel birthing pains, causing everyone to panic.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dogen gives Jack a pill for Sayid

After Sayid is brought back to the room in the temple where the spring is and tells Jack that they tortured him, Jack storms off towards Dogen's "office" where the guards let him pass without objection.

Once he reaches the office, Lennon is reading a book next to a bookshelf full of books in Japanese. Dogen is using a mortar and pestle to make the contents of a green pill. He seems to be using a book to make the pill and there are other ingredients on the table (if anyone can identify these, leave it in a comment).

When Jack asks what they did to Sayid, Lennon, translating for Dogen, says that they were diagnosing him and there's not a literal translation for what he has, but the closest word is "infected." When Jack says that Sayid doesn't even have a fever, Dogen laughs slightly, which upsets Jack.

Dogen wants Jack to give Sayid the green pill, which Lennon says Sayid has to take willingly. Jack refuses to give it to Sayid unless he knows what's in it. The refusal causes Dogen to break his rule of not speaking English. He tells Jack that giving Sayid the pill is Jack's chance to redeem himself for all of the people who were hurt or died while helping him. Dogen says the pill is medicine (we later learn that's not true) and the infection will spread if Sayid doesn't take it.

Back with Sayid, Jack wrestles with the prospect of giving Sayid the pill and Sayid says he will take it if Jack wants him to because he trusts him.

Also, during Jack and Sayid's talk, you'll notice a guard behind Sayid in the corner. Is he guarding some other part of the temple or is he there just to keep an eye on the survivors?

Kate takes out Aldo & Justin + Justin is a talker

Out in the jungle, as Kate, Jin, Aldo and Justin are trekking across the island, Aldo says that the others are protecting the survivors from the smoke monster. When Jin asks about the Ajira flight, Aldo refuses to answer, while Justin starts to tell him about the flight before Aldo tells him to shut up.

As they keep moving, Justin stop's Kate from tripping a trip wire. Jin says that it looks like Danielle Rousseau's, but Justin starts to say that it can't be her's because she died years ago.

Aldo is being obnoxious because Kate doesn't seem to remember that she knocked him out at the Room 23 building in season 3. Kate knocks him out, and trips the wire causing the rocks to knock out Justin. She then takes some guns and makes a break for it, telling Jin she's escaping.

We can presume, as we see later in the episode, that Claire set this trap. We'll ask more questions about her later though.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sayid is tested/tortured by Dogen with ash, electric shock & hot poker

In Dogen's office area, Sayid is strapped to a table. Dogen proceeds with his testing.

First, he throws what appears to be the same ash used to guard against the smoke monster on Sayid. Dogen watches closely as the ash falls onto Sayid's body.

Next Dogen attaches electrodes to Sayid, then turns a crank which and then a dial which sends electricity through Sayid's body. Dogen looks at Sayid and then looks back at the machine.

Last, Dogen takes a hot metal poker and lays it on Sayid's skin, causing him to scream in agony. Dogen leans over and looks very closely at Sayid's face while he burns him.

Lennon comes over to let Sayid out and apologizes for having to put him through that. He says it was a test that he passed. Once Sayid is gone Lennon says "I just lied to him, didn't I?" Dogen confirms that.

So what exactly were these tests supposed to prove and what about Sayid's reactions to them leads Dogen to believe that he failed?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

An interesting, multi-headed sculpture in the temple

At the temple, Jack, Kate and Jin seem to be in a different room now and there's an interesting, multi-headed sculpture behind them. If any one knows it's origin or meaning, drop a comment and let me know.

Mechanic helps Kate with cuffs + Claire's photo & Aaron's whale

On the lamb, Kate makes her way to an auto shop. She gets some help from the mechanic, who releases her from her handcuffs for $200. He uses a punch press to release her from the cuffs and asks her what she did. Unlike in the past, she is straightforward and tells him that she's wanted for murder and then goes to change her clothes.

In the restroom area, Kate opens a bag to find a photo of Claire pregnant an other stuff for the unborn Aaron, including the same stuffed whale that Aaron had in the season 4 episode "Something Nice Back Home."

So how is it that Claire had the same stuffed whale in 2004 that Kate gave Aaron in 2007? This seems to be another connection of the two timelines.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Kate seems to recognize Jack, kicks Claire out of cab

In the cab that Kate has hi-jacked, she angrily holds a gun to Claire's head and stops her when she tries to escape. Before they leave the airport, they have to stop for Arzt to pick up his bags in the road. During this pause, Jack, standing in the distance on his cell phone, looks at her and she looks back at him like she's remembers more about him than just their quick collision on the plane.

The cab driver manages to make a break for it, leaving Kate to drive. After they get some distance from the airport, she forces Claire out of the cab.

Sayid's bullet wound heals over + Sawyer makes a break for it + Aldo returns

At the temple, Lennon runs to tell Dogen, who is slowly tapping away at a typewriter, that Sayid is alive.  Dogen looks worried, and grasps the charm (or whatever it is) that's attached to his necklace (I'll have a better shot of it later).

Outside, Jack looks at Sayid's bullet wound, which has almost completely healed over. Dogen and Lennon come to take Sayid away for questioning, and that's when Sawyer launches his escape. He tells them, specifically Kate, not to come after him.

After Sawyer's gone, we see Lennon desperately trying to find a way to get him back. That's when we see the other Aldo for the first time since the season 3 episode "Not In Portland" (which was his only other appearance). He's wielding a gun, telling everyone to "calm down." Kate offers to track Sawyer and bring him back and Jin offers to go with her. During this time, Sayid is taken away.