Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dogen gives Jack a pill for Sayid

After Sayid is brought back to the room in the temple where the spring is and tells Jack that they tortured him, Jack storms off towards Dogen's "office" where the guards let him pass without objection.

Once he reaches the office, Lennon is reading a book next to a bookshelf full of books in Japanese. Dogen is using a mortar and pestle to make the contents of a green pill. He seems to be using a book to make the pill and there are other ingredients on the table (if anyone can identify these, leave it in a comment).

When Jack asks what they did to Sayid, Lennon, translating for Dogen, says that they were diagnosing him and there's not a literal translation for what he has, but the closest word is "infected." When Jack says that Sayid doesn't even have a fever, Dogen laughs slightly, which upsets Jack.

Dogen wants Jack to give Sayid the green pill, which Lennon says Sayid has to take willingly. Jack refuses to give it to Sayid unless he knows what's in it. The refusal causes Dogen to break his rule of not speaking English. He tells Jack that giving Sayid the pill is Jack's chance to redeem himself for all of the people who were hurt or died while helping him. Dogen says the pill is medicine (we later learn that's not true) and the infection will spread if Sayid doesn't take it.

Back with Sayid, Jack wrestles with the prospect of giving Sayid the pill and Sayid says he will take it if Jack wants him to because he trusts him.

Also, during Jack and Sayid's talk, you'll notice a guard behind Sayid in the corner. Is he guarding some other part of the temple or is he there just to keep an eye on the survivors?

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