Saturday, February 20, 2010

Claire's sonogram has the date October 22, 2004?!

Back at the hospital with Claire, she is looking at her sonogram which in a potentially huge revelation, has the date October 22, 2004 instead of the original Ocean 815 date of September 22, 2004. What exactly does this mean for our alternate timeline?

[UPDATE: Damon and Carlton have confirmed that the new date was a prop error, so we can stop reading into the different date.]

After that little bombshell, Claire is approached by a Detective Rasmussen and another officer looking for Joan Hart which is one of Kate's aliases. Claire covers for her as she hides in a supply room. Kate emerges after the police leave.

Claire gives Kate her credit card to help her out and then admits that she doesn't know where she came up with the name Aaron. She says "It's like, I don't know. I knew it or something." So we have another instance of our Losties, and not just the ones at the Swan site in 1977 and those we've seen touched by Jacob, seeming to remember bits of the original Oceanic 815 timeline. Also, Kate tells Claire she should keep the baby. It seems that little pieces of the original timeline are still falling into place.

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