Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ethan is Claire's doctor at the hospital, Kate seems to recognize the name Aaron

Back the "alternate" timeline, Kate rushes Claire to the hospital where she is quickly taken inside. Kate is clearly paranoid about the police presence in the vicinity.

Once inside, Kate gets impatient waiting for a doctor and goes to find one herself. The first one she comes across is none other than Ethan Rom, who is going by Ethan Goodspeed here (since he is Horace Goodspeed's son). Once he gets inside with Claire, the scene is reminiscent of their scenes in the season 2 episode "Maternity Leave."

Ethan says that she can have the baby now or he can give her some drugs to slow the process down. He drops the line "I don't want to stick you with needles if I don't have to," which if you recall he did regularly at the medical station. Once she chooses to wait, an alarm sounds and in her panicked state, she says "Is Aaron okay?!" When Kate hears the name Aaron, her eyes widen and she looks stunned as if something in her mind briefly clicked with the original timeline (check out photo 8).

Everything then calms down and Claire can see Aaron on the screen once he's moved back into position. Kate is holding Claire's hand and that moment together is reminiscent of the moment they shared when Aaron was born on the island, but just slightly. The scene seems to solidify the bond these two have, no matter what events occur.

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