Monday, February 15, 2010

Sayid's bullet wound heals over + Sawyer makes a break for it + Aldo returns

At the temple, Lennon runs to tell Dogen, who is slowly tapping away at a typewriter, that Sayid is alive.  Dogen looks worried, and grasps the charm (or whatever it is) that's attached to his necklace (I'll have a better shot of it later).

Outside, Jack looks at Sayid's bullet wound, which has almost completely healed over. Dogen and Lennon come to take Sayid away for questioning, and that's when Sawyer launches his escape. He tells them, specifically Kate, not to come after him.

After Sawyer's gone, we see Lennon desperately trying to find a way to get him back. That's when we see the other Aldo for the first time since the season 3 episode "Not In Portland" (which was his only other appearance). He's wielding a gun, telling everyone to "calm down." Kate offers to track Sawyer and bring him back and Jin offers to go with her. During this time, Sayid is taken away.

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