Sunday, February 14, 2010

Jack wants to fix Locke + Oceanic loses Locke's knives

After Jack is presumably talking to him mother on the phone about Christian's coffin being lost, John Locke rolls into the Oceanic office because they lost is case full of knives.

Locke tells Jack that Oceanic didn't lose his father, "they just lost his body." This seems to comfort Jack a little. Locke then tells him about them losing his knifes prompting Jack to ask him if he's "some kind of salesman." Locke replies "Something like that."

As Locke's about to leave, Jack asks him why he's in his wheelchair, and Locke says that surery won't help him because his condition is irreversible. Jack replies "Nothing's irreversible" which causes Locke to give a slightly intrigued look on his face. Jack then gives Locke his card and offers him a free consult.

Locke seems a bit like his, cocky, smoke monster persona. Is it possible in this timeline that Locke is a bit smokey? When he uses the word "irreversible," it seems like when Smokey Locke was talking to Ben and called John Locke "irreparably broken." This scene seems like it could be guide point to this season's story, but we'll have to wait to see how it plays out.

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