Monday, February 15, 2010

Locke/Smokey knocks out Richard, tells everyone he's disappointed in them

At the four-toed statue, Richard and the others see the signal from the temple explode in the air. Richard is clearly very worried and then turns to see Locke/Smokey and Ben emerge from the statue. Locke immediately walks towards Richard, who tells every one "Don't shoot him!"

Locke says to Richard "It's good to see you outta those chains." Richard only replies "You?" and Locke knocks him out and throws him over his shoulder. Locke tells the rest of the people that he's disappointed in them and leaves. This sentiment is also seems directed towards Ben too, who just helped him by killing Jacob.

So what is the Smoke Monster's history with Richard and in what form did he take when it occurred? And what exactly did he expect of the others that led to his disappointment? Did they choose to follow Jacob instead of him?

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