Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Swan station drill reaches the pocket of energy, Phil warns Radzinsky about Sayid and the others

At the Swan site, Radzinsky still has the drill running and Dharma workers are pouring water down the hole to try to keep it from overheating. Pierre Chang calls over to Radzinsky to show him that the gauss readings are spiking. Radzinsky tells the workers that they're right on top of the pocket of energy. Pierre says that if they hit that pocket, "All hell is going to break loose."

At that moment, Phil calls Radzinsky of the walkie talkie to tell him that "the hostile" (Sayid) was there and attacked them. Phil tells him that he was rescued by some of the other recruits. He says that they took off in a van and he does not know where they are heading. Phil says that Roger told him that they have a bomb. Radzinsky tells Phil to get his men and some guns and come out to the Swan site.

Juliet tells Sawyer that they can't be together because of Kate

Sawyer chases after Juliet asking for an explanation for her changing her mind about stopping Jack. Sawyer says that she could have told him that she changed her mind before he kicked Jack's ass. Juliet asks if that would have stopped him and Sawyer says no. Juliet says "I'm glad you finally got it out of your system."

He grabs her as they're still walking a she pulls away from him. Sawyer says "I've got a right to know why you changed your mind." Juliet says that she changed her mind when she saw him look at Kate. Sawyer says that it doesn't matter who he looked at because he's with Juliet. Juliet says "And you would stay with me forever if I let you, and that is why I will always love you." She continues repeating what her mother told her in the flashback. She says "Just because we love each other doesn't mean that we're meant to be together. Maybe we were never supposed to be together." She says that if Jack can change things so they never meet then she never has to lose Sawyer.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Young Juliet and Rachel find out their parents are getting divorced

In a flashback, we see young Juliet and her sister Rachel sitting down with their parents so they can be told something important. Juliet asks if they are moving again and Rachel tells her that their parents are getting a divorce.

Their mother tells them they she and their father still love each other but "Just because two people love each other, doesn't always mean they're supposed to be together." Juliet protests and says how can they know they're not supposed to be together. Her mother says that they just know and when Juliet is a grown-up, she'll understand. Juliet says "I don't wanna understand" and runs out of the room.

This conversation about love is directly related to the coming scenes between Sawyer and Juliet.

Also, the book Mysteries of the Ancient Americas by Robert Dolezal is sitting on the coffee table.

Sawyer and Jack finally throw down, Sawyer leaves Jack covered in blood

Sawyer and Jack walk into the jungle for their five-minute talk. Sawyer asks Jack to sit, and Jack grudgingly sits down.

Sawyer starts by telling Jack the story of his parents death when he was eight years old. He tells Jack that it happened a year ago, in 1976. He says that he could have gotten on the sub and gone back to the states and stopped his father from killing anyone, but he didn't because "What's done is done."

Jack says that it doesn't have to be that way, prompting Sawyer to ask "What did you screw up so bad the first time around you're willing to blow up a damn nuke just for a second chance?" Jack says that three years ago Locke told him that everything was happening for a reason and that being on the island was their destiny. Sawyer says "I don't speak destiny" and says that a man does what he does because he wants something. He asks "What do you want Jack?" Jack says that he had Kate and he lost her. Sawyer tells Jack that if he wants her, he should go over there and ask her. Jack says it's too late for that and says that Sawyer's five minutes is up and and starts to leave.

Sawyer says that if what Jack is going to do works, that he will have never met Kate and she'll be in handcuffs. Jack says "If it's meant to be, it's meant to be." Sawyer says that there's nothing that's going to change Jack's mind and Jack agrees.

Sawyer then punches Jack in the face and says "Who the hell do you think you are?!" Sawyer lands three more punches before Jack lands three of his own.

As they split apart, Sawyer says "You think you can come here and do whatever the hell you want? I had a life here!" Sawyer pushes Jack against a tree and Jack retaliates with a knee to Sawyer's stomach and then he lands another punch.

While Sawyer is on the ground, Jack approaches him and says "Sawyer listen, you don't get it." He is interrupted by Sawyer kicking Jack in the groin and then takes a tree branch to the face. Sawyer pins Jack, grabs him by the neck and asks "Will you stop?" Jack says no and Sawyer unleashes three punches on Jack's face before Juliet screams "James! Let him go."

Sawyer says he had to beat him up because he won't stop and Juliet says Jack is right. Sawyer asks Juliet "What happened?" because she was the one who convinced Sawyer to come back and stop Jack. Juliet just says "I changed my mind."

It really seems like this was a fight that was a long time coming. Jack's stubborn "I'm going to do what I want" attitude and Sawyer's methodical, practical reasoning come to a head and Jack gets a beating that he has deserved for a while. He greedily is willing to risk everyone's life because he lost Kate. Jack has moved from a man of science to a man of faith but is still the same stubborn character we've come to know over five seasons.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Christian tells Jack to count to five, Jacob gives Jack his Apollo Bar

In sometime around 2001, Jack is performing his first major solo surgery and cuts the patient's dural sac. Jack starts to panic and Christian Shephard steps forward and says "Look at me." He then says "Count to five" and Jack angrily says "What are you talking about." Christian says that he needs to stitch up the girl so she isn't paralyzed for the rest of her life. He continues saying "The only way you're gonna do that is not to be afraid. So close your eyes, count to five, and then fix her, Jack. Or I'll have to fix her for you." Jack closes his eyes, counts to five and then asks for the sutures and finishes the surgery.

After the surgery, Jack attempts to buy an Apollo Bar from a vending machine and it gets stuck. He slams his palms into the machine and then walks away.

Christian walks towards him and tells him that girl is going to be okay and is responsive to stimulis below the waist. Jack tells Christian that he embarassed him in front of his entire team by putting him in a time-out during his first major procedure. He continues saying "Dad, I know you don't believe in me, but I need them to." Christian says "Are you sure I'm the one who doesn't believe in you, Jack?" and then walks away.

At that moment, Jacob pokes his head around the corner and asks if one of the two Apollo Bars he's holding is Jack's. Jacob's finger touches Jack slightly has he hands him the candy. Jack shows a slight smile and then walks away.

The surgery scene is the one that Jack told Kate in the pilot when she is stitching up his wound in the pilot. He later made her recount the story when she and Sawyer escaped from the Hydra island in season 3.

Also, Jack is the last of the 815 survivors that we see Jacob touch prior to the crash.