Friday, May 29, 2009

Sawyer and Jack finally throw down, Sawyer leaves Jack covered in blood

Sawyer and Jack walk into the jungle for their five-minute talk. Sawyer asks Jack to sit, and Jack grudgingly sits down.

Sawyer starts by telling Jack the story of his parents death when he was eight years old. He tells Jack that it happened a year ago, in 1976. He says that he could have gotten on the sub and gone back to the states and stopped his father from killing anyone, but he didn't because "What's done is done."

Jack says that it doesn't have to be that way, prompting Sawyer to ask "What did you screw up so bad the first time around you're willing to blow up a damn nuke just for a second chance?" Jack says that three years ago Locke told him that everything was happening for a reason and that being on the island was their destiny. Sawyer says "I don't speak destiny" and says that a man does what he does because he wants something. He asks "What do you want Jack?" Jack says that he had Kate and he lost her. Sawyer tells Jack that if he wants her, he should go over there and ask her. Jack says it's too late for that and says that Sawyer's five minutes is up and and starts to leave.

Sawyer says that if what Jack is going to do works, that he will have never met Kate and she'll be in handcuffs. Jack says "If it's meant to be, it's meant to be." Sawyer says that there's nothing that's going to change Jack's mind and Jack agrees.

Sawyer then punches Jack in the face and says "Who the hell do you think you are?!" Sawyer lands three more punches before Jack lands three of his own.

As they split apart, Sawyer says "You think you can come here and do whatever the hell you want? I had a life here!" Sawyer pushes Jack against a tree and Jack retaliates with a knee to Sawyer's stomach and then he lands another punch.

While Sawyer is on the ground, Jack approaches him and says "Sawyer listen, you don't get it." He is interrupted by Sawyer kicking Jack in the groin and then takes a tree branch to the face. Sawyer pins Jack, grabs him by the neck and asks "Will you stop?" Jack says no and Sawyer unleashes three punches on Jack's face before Juliet screams "James! Let him go."

Sawyer says he had to beat him up because he won't stop and Juliet says Jack is right. Sawyer asks Juliet "What happened?" because she was the one who convinced Sawyer to come back and stop Jack. Juliet just says "I changed my mind."

It really seems like this was a fight that was a long time coming. Jack's stubborn "I'm going to do what I want" attitude and Sawyer's methodical, practical reasoning come to a head and Jack gets a beating that he has deserved for a while. He greedily is willing to risk everyone's life because he lost Kate. Jack has moved from a man of science to a man of faith but is still the same stubborn character we've come to know over five seasons.

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