Sunday, May 24, 2009

Jacob visits Ilana in a Russian hospital, asks for her help

In a dank looking hospital in Russia, Ilana is laying in a bed with her head wrapped with bandages. A nurse comes over to give her some water and tells her (in Russian) that she has a visitor, her first since she came to the hospital.

Jacob walks over and sits in a chair next to Ilana's bed. In Russian, he apologizes for not coming to see her sooner. Also in Russion, Ilana says that she is happy to see him. Jacobs switches to English and says "I'm here because I need your help. Can you do that? Will you help me Ilana?" Ilana says yes and Jacob shows a slight smile.

So why is Ilana seriously injured in a Russian hospital? When did this take place? Why did Jacob not touch her like the 815 survivors? How do Jacob and Ilana know each other?

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