Monday, May 25, 2009

Ilana finds the cabin empty, Jacob leaves a message on the wall, the cabin is set on fire

Ilana enters Jacob's cabin slowly and examines the room. The cabin is in shambles. There are holes in the walls, chairs turned over and debris everywhere. The odd painting of the dog is leaning against the wall.

She notices an old looking sword sticking in the wall in the corner of the cabin. It is holding a piece of fabric to the wall which she studies and then looks very worried.

She leaves the cabin and tells Bram that Jacob is not there and hasn't been in a long time. She says that someone else has been using the cabin. She then tells the other guys to burn it and they toss some flaming bottles in it. Frank points out that torching the cabin is a good way to set fire to the jungle. Bram ignores him and asks Ilana what they will do next. She shows him the piece of fabric which has an image of the four-toed statue on it. Bram says "Well I guess we know where we're going."

At this point, the cabin has erupted in flames as the group picks up the crate and moves on towards the statue.

How long has Jacob's cabin been used by someone else and who is using it? It seems likely that "Jacob's enemy" from the opening scene may be a likely candidate. Questions still remain about how Ilana knows so much about Jacob and the island.

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