Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Swan station drill reaches the pocket of energy, Phil warns Radzinsky about Sayid and the others

At the Swan site, Radzinsky still has the drill running and Dharma workers are pouring water down the hole to try to keep it from overheating. Pierre Chang calls over to Radzinsky to show him that the gauss readings are spiking. Radzinsky tells the workers that they're right on top of the pocket of energy. Pierre says that if they hit that pocket, "All hell is going to break loose."

At that moment, Phil calls Radzinsky of the walkie talkie to tell him that "the hostile" (Sayid) was there and attacked them. Phil tells him that he was rescued by some of the other recruits. He says that they took off in a van and he does not know where they are heading. Phil says that Roger told him that they have a bomb. Radzinsky tells Phil to get his men and some guns and come out to the Swan site.

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