Sunday, March 8, 2009

Amy convinces the group to bury the hostiles, tricks them into walking through sonic fence

As Amy is mourning over Paul's body, Juliet and Jin examine the hostiles. Juliet points out that because of the Dharma jumpsuit Paul is wearing, that they are in the 1970s or 1980s. Jin finds a walkie talkie on one of the hostiles. Sawyer tells Amy that he and the group were on a ship headed for Tahiti that wrecked on the island. Amy tells them that they have to bury the hostiles because of the truce, and that they need to take Paul's body home. Jin is convinced first and then Sawyer agrees.

Next we see the group trekking across the island and Jin has Paul's body on his back. Sawyer tells Juliet and Miles to let him do the talking when they reach the Dharma barracks because he is a professional liar. Juliet then screams and Daniel to stop as he is about to walk through the pylons of the sonic fence. Juliet tells Amy to turn if saying "It looks like some kind of sonic fence or something." This makes Amy ask the question "Where did you say your ship was going?" Amy hesitantly agrees to turn off the fence, though when she opens the box on the pylon, she doesn't turn it off but rather takes something out of the box. She tells them that the fence is off but Sawyer tells her to walk through first. A high pitched noise can be heard as she walks through, but she passes through safely. This convinces them that it is off though when they step into it they start violently shaking and fall to the ground. The look on Miles' face in photo 9 is priceless. After they're all on the ground, Amy pulls what appears to be two pieces of cotton from her ears.

So let me get this straight, when the fence is on a lower setting, all you need is cotton in your ears to pass through? It's odd that cotton is all she needed to pass through safely while the others where thrown to the ground. Also, it would seem that the Dharma Initiative and the hostiles/natives had a truce. This makes Charles Widmore's story about leading the people of the island peacefully seem slightly more plausible.

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