Sunday, February 28, 2010

Locke & Sawyer climb down the ladder, Sawyer almost falls to death

As Locke and Sawyer approach a beautiful cliff next to the ocean, we see a ladder peeking out over the side. Locke tells them that they have to go down and Sawyer is hesitant, but Locke goes first.

As he climbs down, we see that there are multiple staggered rope ladders after the wooden ladder that each move the climbers closer to the cave. Locke makes it down okay, but the a few rungs of the wooden ladder break under Sawyer's feet, causing him to scramble to grab the first rope ladder. Then the top of rope ladder breaks loose from the cliff, but the bottom catches, leaving him dangling. He manages to swing over to Locke, who pulls him onto the final wooden ladder. They then climb down to the cave.

Locke seems incredibly panicked about Sawyer dying, so it would seem that Sawyer may be incredibly important to Locke's plan, whatever that truly is. Stay tuned for the awesome upcoming posts about the inside of the cave.

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