Monday, March 1, 2010

Locke becomes a substitute teacher, Ben teaches European history

In the final scene of Locke's flash sideways, we see that he is now a substitute teacher at a high school. It seems that he is currently teaching health and physical education. We see him motivating girls to run their springs, then he's in a classroom about to teach the reproductive system.

As he makes his way to the teacher's lounge, he stops to ask a kid where it is. I almost expected to see a kid we'd recognize, but obviously that didn't happen.

Once he reaches the teacher's lounge, we hear a familiar voice. The one and only Ben Linus is lecturing the other teachers about throwing out the filter when you have the last cup of coffee. Locke rolls up and says that he just wants some Earl Grey, which Ben says is a gentleman's drink. Ben introduces himself and says that he teaches European history. Locke smiles widely after they meet.

So here's easily the most interesting meeting so far considering these two characters tumultuous history in the previous timeline. It'll be interesting to find out more about Ben's new life.

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