Monday, May 18, 2009

Ilana shows Frank what's inside the box, is Frank a candidate for something?

Ilana, Bram and the other mysterious Ajira folk make their way to the shore on the canoe with the large crate still in tow. Frank is still appears to be knocked out from the rifle to the head, though he's just pretending to be.

Bram asks Ilana why they bothered to bring Frank and Ilana says that they might need him. Bram says that he didn't even know the answer to the question and Ilana tells him that it doesn't mean that he's not important. Bram asks is she thinks Frank's "a candidate." Ilana then points out that Frank is awake. Bram asks how long he's been listening to them and Frank says "Long enough to wonder what the hell I'm a candidate for." Frank then asks "Who the hell are you people?" She says that they are "friends" and only knock the people out that they like.

Bram and the other guys lift the crate from the canoe promting Frank to ask what's in it. Bram says it's Ilana's call whether they show Frank what's inside and she decides to show him. Frank looks insdie the crate and says "Terrific."

So if it wasn't clear before, it's clear now that Ilana is 100% in charge of this group. The big question is, what is Frank possibly a candidate for? Does Ilana sense something about Frank that made her decide to bring him along? Very odd.

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