Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Translation of the French team while on the raft

Here is a translation of what the French science team were saying on the emergency raft (from Lostpedia). One of the team, Robert (Alex's father & Danielle's boyfriend) mentions that they shouldn't have followed the numbers.

Robert: We never should have followed those damn numbers.
Unknown: It's not my fault, Brennan was at the sonar.
Brennan: If you listened to Montand, he already said the instruments malfunctioned.
Danielle: Man at sea!
Robert: What? I thought we were all there?
Unknown: We are all there! It's not one of ours.
Unknown: Then who is it?
Unknown: Start paddling! Paddle! Paddle, come on!
Unknown: Hurry up, he's going with the current!
Montand: There's only him - no boat, nothing.
Danielle: For the love of God, Brennan, shut up.
Unknown: Bring him aboard! There. He's still breathing.

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