Friday, February 13, 2009

Montand is attacked by the smoke monster, loses arm

After killing Nadine, the smoke monster lurks through the jungle before grabbing Montand and dragging him through the jungle. The monster drags him back to a temple (it's not clear if this is "The temple") and tries to pull him down a hole next to the base. Robert, Jin, Danielle and Brennan attempt to pull him out, but all they manage to do is pull his arm off. This is the event referenced by Danielle Rousseau in season 1 when she is taking people to the Black Rock to get dynamite. After Montand is down the hole, he calls back up to them and begs for help. He says that the monster is gone. Robert, Brennan and Lacombe go in after him but Jin keeps Danielle from going in because of her unborn baby.

This would seem to be the "dark territory" that Danielle referenced in season 1. This would mean the Black Rock must be near-by. We learn later that whatever happened to the team down in the hole next to the temple seems to have made them sick. Danielle turns out to be not so crazy after all. If Jin hadn't been there, Danielle would have gone down there and theoretically would have gotten sick too. This once again shows a character we know from the "present" affecting events in the past.

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