Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Jin wakes up, meets young Danielle Rousseau, Montand, Robert, Brennan

Jin wakes up on the beach as the French science team are salvaging what items they have from the raft. While speaking in French, Montand and Robert discuss that the signal they were following is coming from the island. Danielle notices Jin has woken up and the team gathers around him. They question him about where he came from and he tells them he came from a boat that sank. Jin doesn't seem to know how long he was in the ocean or how he got there which frustrates Montand. Robert gets a canteen of water for Jin and Danielle takes off her jacket revealing that she is pregnant (with Alex). When Danielle tells Jin her name, he looks bewildered and rightfully so. He is unaware that the island is moving in time.

Robert is in the fifth photo and Montand is in the sixth. Brennan is crouched down to the left of Danielle in the seventh photo. The other two members of the team are unnamed so far.

Here's a translation of the dialogue of the team while on the beach.

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