Monday, April 6, 2009

Hurley and Miles discuss time travel, Jack refuses to help save Ben

Miles has rounded up Kate, Jack and Hurley and is keeping them in one of the houses. Jack asks Miles if they are all under house arrest. Miles says no and they are free to leave when they want but he'll shoot them in the leg. Kate defends Sawyer when Jack finds out this was Sawyer's idea.

Miles goes to the dinner table where Hurley is sitting staring at his hand. Miles asks what he's doing and Hurley says he's checking to see if he's disappearing. Hurley continues by referencing Back to the Future, saying that they went back in time and changed things that if little Ben dies, then big Ben wouldn't get them to come back to the island so he'd disappear. Miles tells him that he's a idiot. He continues saying that it doesn't work like that and you can't change anything. He says that Sayid shooting Ben is what always happened and they never experienced how it all turned out. Hurley says that Miles' explanation is really confusing. Miles continues saying that Ben didn't die so the kid can't either. Kate asks what if he's wrong. Miles says that it won't matter then because they'll all stop existing.

Sawyer then bursts in and asks Jack to come help save Ben. Jack refuses. Sawyer tells him that if he doesn't help, the kid is going to die. Jack coldly responds, "Then he dies." This shocks the entire room.

The discussion between Miles and Hurley is brilliant because it is a conversation fans of the show have been having since time travel was introduced. Miles seems to have things figured out more than Hurley though. That's probably due to some helpful info from Daniel Faraday.

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