Friday, April 10, 2009

Benjamin Linus and Charles Widmore meet in 1977

At the beginning of "Dead is Dead," we see a 40 year old Charles Widmore arriving at the others camp on a horse. He quickly heads straight for Richard Alpert and asks him what he has done. Richard tells him to calm down and that it doesn't concern Charles. Charles objects that he brought "one of them" to their temple. Richard tells him that he is just a boy who was dying. Charles says that he should have let him die. Richard tells him "Jacob wanted it done." This stops Charles cold. Richard continues saying "The island chooses who the island chooses, you know that." Charles replies, "Yes, yes of course."

Charles then goes in to see Ben. Ben asks him what happened and Charles tells him that he was injured. Ben doesn't seem to remember what happened, just like Richard said would happen. Ben asks where he is and Charles tells him "You're among friends" and they're going to take care of him. Charles tells Ben he'll be back to his dad soon and Ben panics and says he doesn't want to go back. Ben then says "I want to be one of you." Charles tells him "Just because you're living with them, doesn't mean you can't be one of us." He continues telling Ben that he should be dead, but the island saved him. Ben asks Charles who he is because they haven't formally met yet.

So this is when Benjamin Linus and Charles Widmore meet. At the moment Charles does seem to be the leader, much like he said he was in "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham." This scene does once again prove the power of Jacob since the mention of him stops Charles' complaining.

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