Monday, April 6, 2009

Kate questions Jack about not helping Ben, Jack takes island's side

Kate watches Sawyer go back to the infirmary while Jack makes sandwiches in the kitchen. She goes to Jack and questions why he's going to let Ben die. He says that Miles said that they can't change what's already happened so this has nothing to do with him. Kate says that he might be the one that's supposed to save him. Jack recounts season 3 where Ben locks him in the Hydra because he needs surgery and Kate begs him to do the surgery to save Sawyer. Jack says he already done that once and he did for Kate. Kate says that it's their fault and they caused this to happen. Jack says that the last time they were on the island he was always trying to fix things and maybe they island just wants to fix things itself and maybe he was just getting in the way. Kate tells him that she like the old him, the one who wouldn't wait for things to happen. Jack says "You didn't like the old me Kate."

Kate storms out of the house past Miles who asks where she's going but she doesn't stop.

While the new Jack is about as obnoxious as the old Jack, I do like his theory on him getting in the way and that the island wants to fix things itself. That'll be something that will most likely be revisited this season.

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