Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kate and Aaron go to Cassidy's house, we see Clementine

Kate and Aaron go back to Cassidy's house shortly after the grocery store incident. There is a no soliciting sign above Cassidy's doorbell much like the one Locke had on his door when he lived in the apartment. We finally get to see Sawyer's daughter Clementine who answers the door and calls Kate "Auntie Kate." She goes to get her mom and that's last we see of her.

Kate tells Cassidy about Jack and the others going back to the island. Kate tells her that Jack said they were not supposed to leave the island and Cassidy replies "Well Jack sounds like a piece of work." Kate then tells Cassidy how she lost Aaron in the grocery store and she says that she wasn't surprised and it was about time that it happened. Kate asks "Why would I expect him to be taken?" Cassidy replies "Because you took him Kate." Kate defends herself saying that Claire left Aaron and that she had to take him because he needed her. Cassidy tells Kate that "You needed him" because Sawyer broke her heart and Aaron helped fix it.

Cassidy tells Kate what's what in this scene, though the emotional reasons for Kate needing Aaron is just speculation. We finally see Clementine but for only a few seconds. I wonder if she'll show up again. Clearly Kate and Aaron had been to see Cassidy and Clementine somewhat regularly because Clementine immediately recognized Kate.

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