Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kate donates blood for Ben, Roger opens up to Kate

Back at the infirmary, Juliet is trying to keep Ben alive. A nurse named Debra comes in and says that Kate is a universal donor and wants to give Ben blood. While Juliet is preparing to draw blood from Kate, she asks Kate if she knows why Jack wouldn't help Ben. Kate answers that if she understood why Jack does what he does, she wouldn't be sitting there right now. Juliet asks if something happened with them off island and Kate tells her that they were engaged. Juliet seems a bit taken aback by that piece of information.

Then Roger bursts in wanting information on how Ben is doing. Kate convinces Juliet to let Roger sit with her while Juliet checks on Ben. Roger tells Kate that Ben stole her keys and that Sawyer asked him where his keys were and he never asks a question if he doesn't already know the answer. Roger says that Ben busted Sayid out of jail and Kate asks why he would do that. Roger says "Because of me" and asks Kate if she has kids. She hesitates and answers no. Roger says he though he would be the greatest father ever but it didn't work out that way. Roger tells her that Ben's mother died the day he was born and Kate delivers an unconvincing "Sorry." Roger says he tried to do what he though Ben's mother would have done but "I guess a boy just needs his mother."

Then Ben starts gasping and Juliet says he's going into hypoxic shock. Debra forces Roger out of the infirmary and Kate just stares at Ben, stunned.

This scene was the first time we've really seen Roger speak about Ben with any feeling. It humanizes Roger much like we saw Ben slowly humanized in previous seasons.

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