Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ben takes Alex from Danielle Rousseau, young Ethan waits nearby

In 1989, Ben (who is about 24 or 25) is with a young Ethan Rom (who is about 12) looking at Danielle Rousseau's camp on the beach. Ben is just looking at the camp when Ethan asks him twice if he wants him to do it. Ben tells Ethan to shut up and stay there. With his gun drawn, Ben moves into Rousseau's camp, stops at the entrance and the moves in. Once inside, he hears a baby (Alex) cry which startles him causing him to knock Rousseau's music box to the ground. Rousseau wakes up and reaches for her gun but Ben tells her to stop. Rousseau says "You're the one who infected us, aren't you?" Ben moves towards Alex and Rousseau begins screaming "Rendez-moi mon bébé!" Ben picks up Alex and Rousseau asks him not to take her. Ben asks her "Do you want your baby to live?" Rousseau screams "Why are you taking her?" and steps towards Ben who then fires his gun into the sand. He tells her to "Be grateful you're still alive." He continues saying that if she follows him or ever comes looking for him, he'll kill her. He then tells her "Everytime you hear whispers, you run the other way." Ben the darts out of the tent/hut.

So this explains why Danielle Rousseau was so paranoid about the whispers in the first few seasons. It also gives us a glimpse of young Ethan who seems to have already joined the others. What's weird about this is that the purge didn't occur until 1992, so Ben and Ethan were working with the others while Ben was still living with the Dharma Initiative. Did Ben sneak out at night to help the others and then go back to the barracks?

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