Monday, April 6, 2009

Sawyer asks Roger if he has his keys, Juliet needs help to save Ben

Sawyer goes to the Dharma infirmary where Roger Linus is sitting outside. Roger says that Juliet told him to wait outside and Sawyer offers to go get an update for him. Sawyer stops before going inside to ask Roger if he has his keys on him. Roger can't find his keys and says that he must have left them at the house. Roget realizes at that moment that Ben took his keys and let Sayid out.

In the infirmary, Juliet is trying to stop Ben from hemorrhaging. Sawyer asks where the doctor is and she says that he/she is at the Looking Glass station until Friday. She tells Sawyer that she needs a surgeon to find the bullet damage and stop the bleeding. She's obviously referring to Jack. Sawyer leaves to get him.

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