Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Under the temple wall #1: Ben falls through the floor

The scene under the temple wall will be broken into multiple parts because there are just too many screens for just one or two posts. Here's the first set.

Locke and Ben start to make their way through the underground hallways below the temple wall. Ben tells Locke that he was right about why he needs to be judged. He says when Widmore's men came they gave him a choice to either leave the island or let Alex die. He says all he had to do was leave the house and go with them, but he didn't do it. Ben stops Locke and tells him "I did kill Alex, and now I have to answer for that." Ben then says "I appreciate you showing me the way but I think I can take it from here." Locke says "You go it" and lets him pass.

As Ben starts walking he says "I'll meet you outside, if I live..." and at that moment the floor crumbles under him and he falls to a room below. When he falls through, we get another bad stunt double shot. Ben lands on the floor and Locke comes to the hole to ask if he is okay. Ben says that he's "Never better." Locke tells him that he's going to find something to get him out with. Ben says "John, wait" but Locke has already gone.

A lot more in the next post.

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