Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ben calls Charles to let him know he's going to kill Penny

Back off the island, Ben is walking at a marina near Los Angeles when he calls Charles Widmore. Widmore asks Ben how he got his number. Ben says that the phone number doesn't matter because he's going back to the island today. Widmore says that the island won't let him come back and that he's spent almost 20 years trying to return. Ben tells him that "Where you failed, I'm going to succeed, just as soon as I do one thing." Ben tells him that he is going to kill Penny and that he is looking at her and Desmond's boat appropriately name Our Mutual Friend (after the Dickens book Desmond plans to read). Widmore says "Don't you dare" and Ben says goodbye.

In the fourth photo you can see that Charles Widmore is standing outside of the Widmore Industries building. I just though it was worth noting.

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