Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Under the temple wall #3: The smoke monster shows Ben Alex's life and death

This one's a doozy. As Ben is standing and the back of the room, his torch suddenly goes out and we can hear the signature sounds of the smoke monster. The smoke starts to slow seep up through the holes in the grate. As the smoke moves towards him, Ben moves back until he seems to realize there's no where to go. The smoke surrounds him at his feet and then moves up to encircle him. The head of the monster rushes through him and we can see the trademark electrical flashes moving through it.

After a few bright flashes, the monster starts showing Ben his history with Alex. First he's sees the moment where he argues with Charles Widmore about bringing Alex back to the other's camp as a baby. Next he sees himself pushing Alex on the swing. Ben shows a smile very briefly until he's Alex yelling at him saying that she hates him and that she wishes he were dead. Next he sees Alex asking him if the freighter people are more dangerous than he is. Last, he sees Alex begging for her life on the walkie with Keamy holding a gun to her head. We hear Ben's voice say "She's not my daughter. She means nothing to me, so if you want to kill her, go ahead.." We hear the shot and Ben drops his head and weaps.

The smoke monster then starts to go back into the holes in the grate. The big finish is coming up next.

So the monster is judging Ben based on his care and treatment of Alex and his willingness to save her as a baby probably saved his life now. The monster did torment him by making him relive Alex's grusome death though.

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