Monday, April 13, 2009

Ben brings Alex back to camp, Charles Widmore is not pleased

Ben and Ethan bring baby Alex back to the camp where Charles Widmore, Richard Alpert and many other are. Widmore asks Ben if he did it and Ben tells him that they had a complication. Widmore looks up and asks Ben if he's holding a baby and says that his orders were "To exterminate that woman." Ben says that Rousseau is no threat to them because she's insane. Ben continues saying that Widmore didn't tell him she had a child. Ben asks "What was it I was supposed to do?" Widmore angrily says "Kill it!" Ben says that it's not an it, it's a child. Richard looks at Ben then Widmore to see his response. Widmore stands and approaches Ben telling him a familiar line we've heard Ben say from time to time. Widmore says "Every decision I've made has been about protecting this island." Ben asks "Is killing this baby what Jacob wants?" Widmore and everyone else is silent. Ben then holds Alex out to Widmore and says "Here she is. You do it." Widmore just turns and walks away. Richard seems pleased with the stand that Ben took.

So this scene seems to prove that Widmore was lying when he told Locke in "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham" that he ruled the island peacefully. Killing a woman and her baby is certainly not peaceful.

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