Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Under the temple wall #2: Hieroglyphics everywhere in smoke monster room

Here's part two. Ben is now in the smoke monster's room/lair. He investigates the columns and various aspects of the room which are all covered with hieroglyphics. I'll try to dig into all of the glyphs soon, but there's not time for that now. The big moment comes when Ben approaches the back wall and there's hieroglyphics that seem to depict the smoke monster facing down the figure in the giant statue on the island (possibly Anubis, Taweret or a combination of the two). There seems to be an eye and a snake/serpent between the two entities.

If there was a stand-off between the smoke monster and the figure in the statue at some point, it would seem that the monster won. It's still there and there's only a foot left on the statue.

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