Sunday, April 19, 2009

Horace sends Miles to the Orchid, Hurley bums a ride

Miles comes back to the barracks security center to find Horace on the phone with Pierre Chang. Horace is talking about Alverez's death possibly being caused by electromagnetism. Horace's conversation with Pierre ends and he tells Miles to take the body to the Orchid station. Miles tries to convince Horace that someone from the motor pool could take the body to the Orchid. Horace tells him that if he wanted someone from the motor pool to do it, he would have asked them.

Miles goes out to the van to find Hurley loading two coolers of sandwiches in the back. Miles objects telling Hurley that the van is his. When Miles tells Hurley he's going to the Orchid, Hurley says that's where he's going too. Hurley is taking lunch to the crew which is ham and cheese sandwiches with Hurley's secret garlic mayo. As Miles objects again, Hurley says they should carpool because "It'll help with global warming, which hasn't happened yet, so maybe we can prevent it." Then Hurley asks Miles is he's on a secret mission and Miles just tells him to get in.

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