Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Miles' ability is tested by Naomi, he agrees to go to the island

In a flashback, we pick up right around where we left of with Miles and Naomi. She takes him to a restaurant kitchen where there is a body in a body bag on a table. Miles objects saying that whatever is going on isn't really his thing. Naomi tosses him a bundle of cash and says that she heard if the price is right, this is exactly his thing. She asks him to tell her about the man on the table.

Miles closes his eyes and his head starts jerking back and forth accompanied by wooshing sounds. Miles says that the man's name is Felix and that he was on his way to deliver photos of empty graves and a purchase order for an old airplane to Widmore. Mile asks if he passed and Naomi proposes that Miles join her on an expedition to the island. She says that they'll be looking for a man (Ben) on the island. She continues saying "This island has a number of deceased individuals residing on it" who are dead because of Ben and who might be able to help Naomi and her team find him. Miles says that he's going to pass because it doesn't sound safe and starts to walk away. Naomi says that her employer is willing to pay him 1.6 million dollars. Miles stops in his tracks, turns around and says "When do we leave?"

So did Tom (aka Mr. Friendly) kill Felix and take his documents which is how he had them in "Meet Kevin Johnson" in season 4? Also, does this finally prove that Charles Widmore was responsible for the fake Oceanic 815 plane and the bodies inside?

What is Miles' obsession with money? We haven't seen any reasoning yet for why he wants money so badly. Is it possible his mother is still alive and needs the money for her medical expenses?

And one more thing. What was Felix's role in Widmore's organiztion? Will we see him alive at some point?

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