Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hurley pushes Miles to talk about his father

Back at the Orchid, Hurley pushes Miles to talk about his father, Pierre Chang. Hurley says "How weird is it that your dad is that dude from all those movies?" He asks Miles is Marvin Candle was Pierre's stage name. Miles eventually gives in and tells Hurley that on the third day he was living with Dharma Initiative, he was in line at the cafeteria and his mother got in line behind him. That was when he figured out that Pierre Chang was his father. Hurley asks Miles if he thinks he should save the Dharma folk since they're going to die. Miles says that he can't save them and they're going to die no matter what.

Pierre Chang comes over and tells Miles to drive him to Radzinsky at the Swan work site. Pierre warns Hurley again to not say a word and Hurley says "Polar bear poop. Got it." Miles asks Pierre what happened to Alverez's body and Pierre says "What body?"

This is the second time that Hurley has recommended saving the Dharma Initiative from being killed by Ben in the purge. Hurley's humanity is a driving force in the show because he always wants to help anyone he can.

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