Saturday, April 25, 2009

Miles returns Howard Gray's money, tells him that he lied

Miles goes back to Howard Gray's house and tells him that he's about on go on a boat trip and then returns the money Howard paid him. Miles tells him that he lied to him and that he wasn't able to talk to his son Russell. Howard asks why he told him the truth and that he could have just let him believe the lie. Miles says that "It wouldn't be fair to your son." He then says "If you needed your son to know that you loved him, you should have told him when he was still alive." On that note, Miles leaves and Howard is left teary-eyed once again.

It's good to see for once that Miles did the right thing in returning the money, but he took out his frustration about his own father on Howard Gray, which wasn't very fair. It does show a more emotional side of Miles which we haven't seen before this episode.

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