Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Roger gets hammered on the swings, gets suspicious of Kate

Roger Linus is sitting on the swing set at the Dharma barracks getting hammered on Dharma beer. Kate being Kate, sticks her nose where it doesn't belong and goes to console Roger. She asks Roger if he's okay which he snidely responds saying that his son's been shot and has disappeared "So I'm far from okay." Kate tells him that she has a feeling everything is going to be okay. Roger get suspicious and says "What do you mean, a feeling?" Kate has a bad poker face and Roger asks her if she knows what happened to Ben. Roger asks why she's so interested in Ben. Kate apologizes and starts to walk away and Roger tells her that if she wants to help she should mind her own business.

Kate has just become a difficult character to watch because she continually makes mistake after mistake. She doesn't seem to learn from her previous mistakes. Now she officially has Roger Linus suspicious about what happened to Ben and her involvement in it.

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