Thursday, April 23, 2009

Roger shares his suspicions about Kate with Jack, Egyptian history

At the Dharma barracks, Jack is cleaning a classroom. He is erasing the blackboard, which interestingly has information about Egyptian history. On the far left, there is information on archaic Egyptian history which has some symbols similar to some of the hieroglyphics we've seen on the island.

Roger comes into the room drinking a beer and tells Jack that the room is on his rounds. Jack tells him that he thought he would cover for Roger considering what was going on with Ben. Roger tells Jack that he's not just going to sit around and pray that "those idiots" find Ben. Roger kicks Jack's mop bucket and tells him that he can get out there. After a moment, Roger starts asking Jack about Kate and says that she has a weird thing for Ben. Roger mentions the conversation he and Kate had earlier and says that he's starting to think she had something to do with Ben's disappearance. He says that he should go to Horace and report her, then asks Jack what he thinks. Jack gets very serious and approaches Roget in a somewhat threatening way. He tells Roger that the situation has given him an excuse to get drunk which has put crazy thoughts in his head. He continues telling her that Kate is his friend and that she would never do anything to hurt Ben. Roger looks a bit freaked out and says "Sure" and leaves the classroom.

It seems that Jack has now joined Kate in their unintentional mission to blow their cover on the island. The more interesting thing here, at least to me, is why are the Dharma students learning about Egyptian history? We now have a pretty good idea that the island's ancient elements including the statue and the temple have Egyptian ties. Does Dharma know anything about this or is the info on the blackboard dropped in there for the shows' fans.

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