Monday, April 20, 2009

Roger Linus freaks out when Juliet tells him Ben disappeared

Kate returns to the infirmary where Juliet is putting supplies away. Kate tells Juliet that they gave Ben to the others and that she thinks no one saw her and Sawyer. Kate also tells Juliet that Sawyer helped her. At that moment, Roger Linus rushes in with the supplies from the medical station. He says that all the vans were out so he had to run. That's when he notices Ben's bed is empty. Juliet tells Roger that she left for 10 minutes and when she came back, Ben was gone. Roger freaks out thinking that someone came and took Ben. He tells Juliet that he's going to security and knocks some supplies over on the way out of the infirmary. Juliet turns to Kate and says "Well, here we go."

So this seems to be the beginning of some problems between the Dharma folk and our losties. Juliet seems to recognize this by saying "Here we go." Actually, Phil was the first person who seemed to notice something wasn't right with the new recruits.

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