Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jin is driving Dharma van, finds Jack, Hurley and Kate

At the end of the episode, we what happened immediately after the first scene of the episode with Jack, Kate and Hurley on the island. Kate asks "Where's the plane?" and Jack responds "I don't know. After that light, I woke up in the jungle." None of them remember crashing. Moments later they hear a vehicle and music. A shiny blue Dharma Van rolls up next to the lagoon and who gets out wearing a Dharma jumpsuit and holding a gun but Jin. Hurley says his name and Jin looks shocked.

The song Jin was listening to was "Excelsior Lady" by The Donkeys from their album Living on the Other Side released in 2008!? What does it mean that he's listening to music from 2008? Is it possible that Dharma is somehow back in 2008?

So when are they on the island? How did Jin end up with the Dharma Initiative? Also, the Dharma logo on Jin's jumpsuit is one we haven't seen before. Check it out in the last photo.

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