Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Everyone shows up for Ajira flight 316, Sayid in cuffs, Hurley has guitar

Jack is at the Ajira Airways counter checking in with Nabil who ask a number of question's about Jack's "cargo." Jack says that he is taking Locke's body to Guam because it was Locke's wishes to be buried there. Jack says he'll escort the body and that his relationship to Locke is as a friend. Back at Hoffs Drawler only a few days earlier, he told the Hoffs Drawler employee that he was neither friend or family. Nabil informs Jack that the coffin will be searched for security purposes while Jack is distracted because he see's Kate walking through the airport. As he's walking away with his boarding pass and man tells Jack "My condolences, I'm Sorry you lost your friend." This character is named Caesar, but we don't know anything about him yet. Jack says "Thank you" and walks away.

At security, we see the numbers again on the gate signs (6th photo). One says 1-15 and the other says 16-42. Sun walks up to Jack at security and Jack seems enthralled and surprised to see her. As they are standing there, they see Sayid being led through security in handcuffs covered with a jacket by an Interpol agent whose name is Ilana. You can see her ID with her badge says INTERPOL on it (9th photo). Both Jack and Sun seemed a bit spooked by the fact that he's there.

Next, we see Hurley sitting at the gate reading the Spanish translation of the comic book Y: The Last Man Vol. 3: One Small Step written by Lost writer Brian K. Vaughan. The gate attendant (at gate 15, hello numbers again) named Nalini says over the intercom system that those on stand-by for flight 316 will be able to fly because there are plenty of seats available. Hurley jumps up and grabs the guitar he brought with him and tells the attendant that "there's no stand-by." She tells him there are 78 seats available and he tells her that he bought all the seats. She asks him why he doesn't want these people to travel and he says "It doesn't matter why. They can take the next plane." Jack walks up and asks Hurley how he knew to come here and Hurley's replies "All that matters is that I'm here, right?" Hurley seems uncomfortable and nervous with Jack and then say "Okay, let's do this." This is when they go to board the plane. More on that in the next post.

So how did Hurley and Sayid end up on the flight? Why is Sayid in Interpol custody? Could it be that one of his missions for Ben caught up with or that Ben himself may be behind his arrest? Also, why is Hurley carrying the guitar? Is it supposed to be a proxy for Charlie? Did Charlie or another dead lostie visit him and tell him where to go and what to do?

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