Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Meet Jill the butcher/operative for Ben

Ben goes to a butcher shop and takes a number, 342, before talking to Jill the butcher. Apparently Jill works for Ben and has been given the task of watching Locke's body. When discussing the plans, Ben mentions two other operatives Gabriel and Jeffrey who have both checked in and things are moving right on schedule. She takes a shot a Jack about the pills and Ben defends him saying "Cut the man some slack. He's been through a lot, we all have." What has Jill gone through that is similar to Ben and jack? It'll be interesting to find out more about her in coming episodes.

Ben tells her that if she doesn't keep Locke safe "Everything we're about to do, it won't matter at all."

There's a lot of emphasis on Locke's body which seems to be pivotal in this plan that Ben has. I guess all the parts are important, but Locke seems to be very important. Maybe someone else would be interested in Locke's body as well? We'll find out soon enough I hope.

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