Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hurley listens to Ben's pitch, opts to get arrested

As Hurley's making a Hot Pocket (the microwave camera rocks by the way), Ben wanders into his kitchen and scares Hurley causing him to throw his food. Ben does his best to convince Hurley that going back to island is what's best for him, telling him that he'll never have to lie again. Ben even flashes Hurley a creepy, yet humanizing little half smile. Hurley seems to be convinced before he says "Never dude" and bolts out of the house. The cops arrest him immediately and Hurley seems happy to get away from Ben. Ben however is watching his plan fall apart.

By listening to Sayid and not trusting Ben, Hurley disobeys Ana Lucia's sternest rule, "Do not get arrested." What will Hurley's fate be? We'll know soon enough I guess.

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