Monday, January 26, 2009

Hurley buys a shih-tzu shirt

Hurley grabs some money from Sayid's wallet so he can buy a new shirt. In Sayid's wallet, you can also see some Euros (I think). When Hurley gets inside the convenience store he sees a rack of t-shirts, the first of which says "I heart my Wirehaired." The dog looks similar to Jack Bender's dog Lulu who was featured in the painting in Jacob's cabin. Hurley settles on the "I heart my Shih-tzu" though. The girl at the counter recognizes him while a clip of him on Action 8 News is on behind her. She sees Sayid, but fortunately thinks he is just wasted. Hurley rushes out of the store when she asks him to buy a lottery ticket.

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