Friday, January 30, 2009

"Jones" kills Cunningham for giving information

John Locke examines and tries to follow Richard Alpert's compass through the jungle. Locke tries to convince Cunningham to talk. Cunningham says the rest of the survivors are either captured or dead because Sawyer shouted meet at the creek. In Latin, Juliet convinces Cunningham to tell them where the camp is by evoking the name Richard Alpert. As soon as Cunningham starts saying the camp is a few kilometers east, Charles "Jones" Widmore runs over and snaps his neck and runs away. Locke points the gun at him but doesn't shoot him causing Sawyer to grab the gun and shoot. Sawyer misses and Locke tells him that he didn't shoot because he's one of his people.

It seems that we're starting to see the viciousness that we've seen in Widmore as he's gotten older in his younger self. The question is, why is he like this? He almost seems like an amped up version of Mikhail.

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