Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ms. Hawking figures out the event window, Ben panics about deadline

Here's the big one. The mysterious Ms. Hawking returns for her first appearance since Desmond's season 3 flashback/time travel episode "Flashes Before Your Eyes." She is in a laboratory of some kind below a church working on some equations at a blackboard. She has a picture of the island attached to the right side of the blackboard. She then goes over to an old Apple III computer which shows a series of numbers, most likely coordinates. We then see a swinging pendulum, most likely a Foucault pendulum. The Foucault pendulum was first exhibited in 1851 to demonstrate the rotation of the Earth. Read more about it here. The computer screen shows a map of the Earth and ten points. Nine of the points appear to be in the Pacific Ocean and one is in the Indian Ocean. The screen starts flashing "EVENT WINDOW DETERMINED." The point on the map that has a flashing line is east of Paupa New Guinea.

Ms. Hawking then leaves the Dharma station-like room and goes up a winding set of stairs into the church. There she finds Ben lighting a candle. She tells Ben that he only has 70 hours until the "event" takes place. He tells her that it's not enough time and asks her what happens if he can't get them all back. She repeats a line we heard Dr. Pierre Chang say at the Orchid station in "Because You Left." She says "Then God help us all."

Whew. That's heavy. So how does Ms. Hawking play into everything? She knows all about Ben's plan and very well may be the mastermind behind it. She obviously has a deep understanding of time as we saw in "Flashes Before Your Eyes," but how deep is her knowledge about the island? What is her relationship to it? So many questions.

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