Friday, January 30, 2009

Desmond goes to Oxford, rummages through Daniel's lab

Desmond makes his way to the Oxford campus only to find Moira, the receptionist/information desk, to be lady less than helpful. She tells him that there are no Faradays in the school's records. When she asks him what year Desmond visited, he hesitates and says he doesn't remember. He apologizes and leaves when she asks why he's seeking the information. [A quick note: Moira is played by Mary Ann Teheny who also played the Oceanic gate check worker in who helps carry Locke on Flight 815 and lets Hurley on board when he's late.]

Desmond makes his way to the physics department on his own and finds a door with a "DANGER - FUMIGATION - DO NOT ENTER" on it. He breaks into the room, which was Daniel's lab, to find Daniel's stuff covered and newspaper on the windows. The blackboard, maze and the device he used on Eloise the mouse is still in the lab. He also finds a photo of Daniel and a woman named Theresa Spencer. A curiously well informed janitor comes into the room and says that he incinerated Daniel's rats and that it's not surprising that there is no record of Dan because of "what he did to that girl." He also told Desmond that he wasn't the first person to come poking around through Daniel's things.

Why did the janitor know so much about Daniel and his work? Also, why is the school still storing Daniel's stuff if they don't want any record of him being there to exist? There's some thing about this scene that are a little weird.

The screen grabs of the lab have been enhanced because the room was so dark.

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