Friday, January 30, 2009

Daniel cuts a deal with Richard, professes love for Charlotte

Daniel Farady, Charlotte Lewis and Miles Straume are taken to a tent in the others camp. The tent contains a bunch of stuff most likely appropriated from the US military that was on the island. Daniel tells them that they should keep pretending to be from the military and to just wait it out until time skips again which could be in five minutes or 5,000 years. Richard comes in and Daniel plays along with the military angle and Richard points out that the military came to their island and attacked them and that they were just defending themselves. Dan points out that the burns on the man's hands and says that the housing of the hydrogen bomb must have been compromised. He convinces Richard that he is not going to just detonate the bomb by confessing his love for Charlotte whom he would never do anything to hurt her. That convinces Richard to let him try to diffuse the bomb.

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