Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kate and Sun discuss the kids, serious matters

After Sun calls Kate, they meet in Sun's room on the top floor of a hotel. Sun is apparently only in town for a few days to tend to some business. What exactly is this business in Los Angeles? Is it connected with her conversation with Charles Widmore?

Kate looks at a picture of Sun's girl Ji Yeon before the conversation turns to Kate and Aaron. Kate tells Sun about the two men that came to her home and Sun wisely tells her that if someone wanted to expose their lie, they would do it. They would not be secretive about it. Sun believes that these people want Aaron. This again poses the question of who are these outside forces that don't seem to be directly connected to Ben Linus or Charles Widmore? Maybe they are connected but the connection is not yet obvious. Is there a third group interested in the island?

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