Monday, March 22, 2010

Ben chooses Alex's well being over job as principal

Back at the school, there's a misdirection where we initially are led to believe that Ben has taken Principal Reynolds job, but then Alex enters, coming to thank the principal for writing her a glowing recommendation. Ben denies having anything to do with the recommendation, even though he did.

When Principal Reynolds enters and questions what Ben is doing there, he says he's just dropping off the  detention sign-up sheet. They he makes a minor power play by telling Alex that the History Club is back on and pushes Reynolds to agree.

Outside, Ben is approached by Arzt who wants to know if he did it. Ben says no and when Arzt whines about not getting his parking space, Ben offers him his. Ben then sees Alex come out of the building with a wide smile. He seems pleased and content with her happiness and walks away.

In this timeline, we see Ben choose Alex over his power. Ben is in a way, redeemed in the flash sideways timeline for his poor decisions on the island, but will he have a chance to redeem himself on the island?

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