Thursday, March 25, 2010

Detective Ford is calling Anthony Coopers, hiding it from Miles + Pierre Chang is alive

In the flash sideways, we see Detective James Ford (Sawyer) calling a list of people named Anthony Cooper, telling them that he's looking for the owner of some unclaimed property. He asks one if he was in Alabama in 1976, the same year and place where his parents were killed. He has a list of names, which he scratches out after the first call and is interrupted by Miles during the second.

Sawyer lies to Miles about what he's doing and Miles becomes suspicious when Sawyer temporarily forgets about his supposed vacation in Palm Springs.

Miles also tells Sawyer that he has set him up on a date with a friend who works with his dad, Pierre Chang, at a museum. So in this timeline, it seems that Pierre Chang is not dead, seemingly busting the theory that the island sank when the bomb went off.

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